An international ship repair company that gets right to the point


Have a defective vessel anchored in a European port? Such problems should be solved as soon as possible to prevent operating at a loss. Enter Antwerp Underwater Solutions, one of the foremost specialist companies in the field of international ship repair. Due to their highly proficient diving engineers, they can assist you perfectly with repairs on your inoperative vessel. They can fix up your vessel when it requires repairs or maintenance, in any European port, any time you need it. It’s no small wonder this company is listed among the best ship repair companies worldwide. No matter the job, they stand ready to assist you 24/7.

Get your vessel back out to sea as soon as possible

A broken-down vessel doesn’t make you any money. As such, you don’t want to wait around for it to get repaired. That’s precisely why Antwerp Underwater Solutions has always been the perfect partner in the world of international ship repair. With services available 24/7, they will spring into action the very moment you make the call. This means you won’t have to wait long to resume your shipping business. A small selection of the services this company provides:

  • Repairing anchors and chains
  • Removing rust
  • Polishing propellers
  • Offering solutions for all kind of defects

Antwerp Underwater Solutions’ employees are well-trained, possessing a great deal of experience. No need to worry any longer about your vessel’s well-being; it is excellent hands with these specialists.

Use this company’s services today

Intrigued by the services this company has to offer? Then get in touch with their round-the-clock helpdesk. They will happily inform you about the services on offer for your fleet. Should you elect to retain this company’s services, they will begin operations on your behalf effective immediately. As such, you can rest assured your vessel will be fit for duty once more in no time at all. With employees possessing flexible problem-solving skills, the Antwerp Underwater Solutions team is alert at all times, relying on each other to maintain a safe working environment. Their diligence makes Antwerp Underwater Solutions one of the most trusted companies worldwide when it comes to international ship repair.