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Gift someone a Montblanc rollerball and celebrate uniqueness

Whether you are looking for a rollerball or any other writing equipment, Montblanc is the brand for you! The pens are often gifted or bought as a souvenir when celebrating a special occasion, such as a university graduation, a promotion at work or the foundation of a new company. The rollerball of Montblanc is the perfect present, either for yourself or for someone else! At Appelboom in Laren, a pen specialist with over 25 years of experience, you will find an extensive and special range of high quality Montblanc rollerballs and fountain pens. The artisanal prowess and traditional craftmanship that these pens represent, is still very much represented in the high-quality materials that are used for the production of Montblanc rollerballs.

Create a unique gift with an engraving on your Montblanc pen

At Appelboom, an authorized dealer of high quality Montblanc products, you also have the possibility to personalize writing instruments such as the rollerball. Even though the materials already exude luxury and class, applying an engraving gives it its very own unique design and character. If the pen is made out of metal, the specialists at Appelboom engrave the pens themselves. This is done in a normal font on one line. If you have any special requests or the material is not metal, make sure to contact Appelboom and discuss the possibilities.

Order your rollerball online or visit the shop

If you have found the Montblanc rollerball that you wish, you can order it at Appelboom. You are welcome to visit the shop in Laren, the Netherlands. However, if you are unable to visit the shop or live abroad, then you can order your favorite Montblanc rollerball or any other writing equipment via the online shop. They deliver worldwide and do so pretty quick! Next to writing equipment from Montblanc, you will also find belts, refills, card holders, and briefcases in the web shop.