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Hiring employees

Hello, this is the online solution group, thank you for joining us. Today: We will answer: What should I consider before I decide to hire a new employee? How do I know if I need a full-time or part-time employee? What are some guidelines for recruiting and hiring good employees? Imagine Sergio has a web and mobile development business. Sergej Dergatsjev started from scratch and has always been the only employee. In recent years, people have increasingly begun to digitize their businesses. Demand for Sergio’s services has surged. He even had to reject new customers because he was too busy.


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The right choice

With so many offers and so many different makes and models, choosing a car can be difficult. We give you the tools to get an overview and find the right model for you.

car catalog

If you are wondering which manufacturer offers which models and years of engines, we have an easy solution for you: use our car catalog. Here you will find the most common brands with current model variants, but also older variants. With this, the car catalog provides a handy overview of the entire range of all known car models. In this way you quickly and easily get an overview of your favorite models on the utility car market.

Novelty and test report

A thorough car test can help you make a purchasing decision. A person who independently judges comfort and technical quality. Someone who knows business and gives expert advice. Benefit from our expertise – because in addition to multiple tests on new cars, we also conduct weekly video tests of used cars, list the pros and cons, record points for attention and give you a well-founded final assessment. With this we offer an extra and extensive information channel with which you can assess and value possible dream cars in advance.

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