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Prevent calcium deficiency with the right dietary cation anion difference

For dairy cows it is important that their diet has the right dietary cation anion difference. This is the case, because an imbalance can lead to calcium deficiency, which has far-reaching consequences that could even be fatal. Especially cows that have just calved have an increased need for calcium. If they become deficient, this results in a disease called milk fever, which is potentially deadly for the cow. Of course, you want to prevent this from happening, because you do not want to lose a good dairy cow. Therefore you should invest in the right feed that has a balanced dietary cation anion difference. This pays itself back in the long term, as it protects your cows from milk fever by preventing calcium deficiency.

An experienced company that offers a variety of supplements for livestock

Where do you purchase feed with a balanced dietary cation anion difference? At an expert company that specializes in high-quality animal feed of course! Kimtec International is such a company. They produce a number of additives for animal feed to provide dairy cows, sheep, and other livestock with a balanced diet. With these supplements you can keep your animals happy and healthy. Some of the additives even increase milk production, which means they are definitely worth the investment, as you get more out of it.

Contact this company for more information

Find out more about the different supplements that Kimtec International produces with the information on their website. Here, you can read about each additive and the accompanying health benefits. Do you require even more information or would you like to order these supplements, for instance to ensure the right dietary cation anion difference in the feed for your dairy cows? Feel free to contact the experts at this company. They are happy to help you find the right supplements for your livestock, so they can lead a happy and healthy life.