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The Economics is a comic strip that changed the way we think about economics

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“If you spend money on health, you will have no money left to buy my car.”

Why do you think people post so often on social media that they have bought a new car, the latest phone, a laptop and everything else: expensive and chic? On the one hand, the answer is quite obvious – in this way people are trying to assert themselves, to show society that they are worth something, that they have enough funds to buy the most expensive “toys”. But on the other hand, everything is somewhat more complicated. We very rarely think about the fact that we should take care of our health and the environment. We very rarely think about the need to go to the clinic and check our physical condition. Thoughts about the need to lead a healthy lifestyle visit us much less often than thoughts about buying a new gadget.

And here we come to the most important thing. We may not feel this, but almost all of us are at the mercy of large corporations. The world’s industries dictate what to wear, what to buy, where to live and with whom to communicate. With the help of advertising, which is spreading everywhere, and from which it is almost impossible to hide, those products are imposed on us, the need for which seemed very doubtful to us a few days ago. Marketers and designers who work for corporations use the most advanced techniques to influence the human psyche. It is not beneficial for corporations that we spend money to be better educated and healthier. After all, then we will stop buying their products. When we begin to understand this, we feel a little deceived.

Now relax. Everything you just read is a model of the capitalist world. She is not bad or good, she is what she is. Capitalism can be opposed to communism and socialism as much as you like, but it will all be just a gloomy and boring theory. “History of Economics”, “Microeconomics” and “Macroeconomics”, we know about all these economic disciplines firsthand. To be honest, boredom is deadly.

However, diving into the economic world can be incredibly fun: like watching a Hollywood blockbuster, for example. Up to this point, this statement seemed implausible until we read The Economics by Michael Goodwin and Dan Burr. This is a history of economics, an explanation of the main economic processes in a comic book format with simple explanations. We started reading with a little skepticism, because the comic book format seemed to us then not entirely serious. But after a few tens of pages the book, and this is really a book, just look, captured us so much that it was already impossible to come off.

It seems that no one has written about economics more clearly and intelligibly. However, not only the availability of information is the main advantage of “Economics”. The main advantage of this comic is that you will begin to understand how everything actually works in the human world: what is money, how large corporations appeared and why their power can be stronger than the power of the state, why today we are all called “ consumers ”, although even 100 years ago this term was practically not used and much more.

The authors of “Economics” really tried to convey information to the reader in the most accessible language. But be prepared for a little residue after reading. The comic debunks all illusions about the world in which we live and about economic science, on which most of the vital processes are based. We recommend reading it to everyone who wants to better understand the modern economy (an important skill in the modern world), as well as those who want to know the answers to such burning questions as: “Will life be better in a few years?”, “Why ours Does the salary depend on fluctuations in the stock markets?

This is how, briefly and succinctly, one can characterize the history of economic thought from the Middle Ages to the present. Read on and you will rediscover the economy.

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