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Crowds at online couples therapy

Crowds at online relationship therapy during summer months

It is remarkably busy at Your Love’s best online do it yourself couples therapy during the summer months. After the corona, we go on vacation and then reconnect with our partner for an extended period of time. This often leads to conflicts and these escalate until one of the two says I’m done. It has been enough, I am going to take steps now. And then you think you can quickly schedule an appointment with a couples therapist. Unfortunately that is not possible, because he himself goes on vacation and there is a long waiting time.
Adding these facts together, many people end up at the online relationship therapy of Your Love. You sign up, pay and within 10 minutes you are up and running. After all, don’t think that relationship therapy is a panacea. Most couples therapists give you exercises to do at home, so you can come back after two weeks. Practicing in itself is stressful, so the approach of Your Love is completely different.

The therapy is based on EFT and consciousness thinking, where you go back to the time you were born to learn to recognize the attachment pattern. From here the therapy goes into all kinds of personal elements so that you learn to recognize and acknowledge patterns. It is only when you know what patterns exist that you can break them. This is a process of trial and error, but because you are aware of the patterns you will recognize them better and better. This applies to both partners and at some point there is the partner conversation. A profound conversation that is honest and open. By experiencing this in a mature way you as partners are able to start feeling. And that is only the moment when choices are made.