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Do you want to increase your marketing performance? Multi-touch attribution is the answer.

The Odyssey platform is what data gurus need to analyze, compare and improve the performance of traffic sources. Odyssey is a leading attribution company in the field of ecommerce. With an instant comparison of volume, revenue, and ad spend, you can work to create a better experience for your customers. Odyssey automatically collects data from all your traffic sources, which you can use to analyze, compare, and improve the performance of your traffic sources. Consider all the data that is collected for you at your fingertips, including volume, incremental conversion rates, revenue, monetary spend, and other important metrics.


You’re no doubt working hard to increase your online marketing performance. What’s the next step? Cave into the insights of Odyssey. After carefully analyzing each traffic source, Odyssey will propose a suggested ad spend. Compare this with your existing ad spend to identify the potential bottlenecks and opportunities. Odyssey will analyze your website traffic to suggest a custom, granular level of ad spend. Use this to adjust your current advertising strategy and identify your best opportunities. You can compare this to your current ad spend to pinpoint the areas where you need to make adjustments. Odyssey can increase online marketing performance. The company takes a granular look at each traffic source and then provides best practices to follow and pitfalls to avoid. They then show the suggested ad spend for different campaigns, which allows you to compare your current spending and find any inefficiencies. On top of that, Odyssey calculates an incrementality score, which shows you which channel provides the most incremental value.


Odyssey can help you track your marketing budget to make sure it’s the best it can be. Connect your ad platforms to Odyssey so you can see ad spend in your dashboard. You can compare what you’re spending now with Odyssey’s suggested spending, and reallocate budgets to see the best return on your money. Spend less and get more. Connect your ad platforms and see how much you’re spending on each platform in your Odyssey dashboard. Compare these ad spendings to the ones suggested by the app and allocate your marketing budget accordingly.