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Do not miss anything of the Dutch tax return system with the help of these consultants

It may be convenient to trust a professional tax filer with all your documents that are important, when you are an expat working and living in the Netherlands. In this way, you will not face unexpected circumstances that are costly and time-consuming. In the Netherlands, the labor income of both husband and spouse must be taxed, based on the Dutch tax laws. Also incomes that you gather by doing a internship or traineeship are included. It is possible to make a kind of preliminary payment of the income tax, which is eventually due after closing of the current tax year. This is called wage withholding tax. Because of all the other rights and obligations regarding Dutch tax return this can be complicated, so a reliable support might be essential for you as an expat.


What does this reliable filing service include?

Witlox International Tax Advice is a professional in the area of Dutch tax return rules and processes. A tax consultant working at this agency, gives you the best fiscal advice, which is based on your specific situation. The tax situation of your spouse can also be included in this advice. Furthermore, the documents for the monthly tax refund are filed for you. This is often times applicable for mortgage interest and alimony payments. The tax consultant collects all relevant data by sending a questionnaire and he or she asks an extension to file the tax return. The tax returns are filed for you (and your partner) and, in case the assessment does not match the return filed, they file an appeal. This company also sends a brochure with up-to-date taxation rules each year, so you will not miss anything.


Specialists who are always available for you

Make sure to complete your tax return accurately by asking the help of Witlox International Tax Advice, a company with specialists who are always informed about recent Dutch tax laws. They are happy to answer your questions and are always easily accessible during their assistance.